Smoking the best locally sourced meat and fish, our chefs create the most tender and flavoursome homesmoked dishes.

A traditional method of cold smoking adds a delicious depth of flavour to our produce.  Described as the ‘true’ method of smoking, during this all-natural process, we cure and brine the meat, fish and cheese and add mix dried herbs to the wood chippings to develop the smoky flavour of our dishes.

From curing to the end of smoking can take weeks, but it is worth the wait.  On our à la carte menu you will find a selection of smoked produce including our signature smoked platter, low and slow pulled pork burger and the best smoky BBQ ribs in the valley.  We don’t like to rush the process so the availability of home smoked products will vary, as will our dishes and cures throughout the year.

Want to try our low & slow pulled pork at home?  Here’s Chief Smoker Shaun’s recipe…

Low & Slow Smoked Pulled Pork for a Crowd
Chef’s tip – This is a great recipe to prepare in advance for BBQs, parties and family gatherings,  For extra flavour make sure you use free range, high welfare pork.  We’ve got lots of great suppliers locally so be sure to check them out and buy direct!

1 shoulder of pork

1litre water
200g coarse sea salt
150g Demerara sugar
1tbsp black peppercorns
2 cloves
1 bay leaf
1 sprig of thyme

BBQ sauce
1kg ketchup
1kg dark brown sugar
300ml Worcestershire sauce
Brine the shoulder of pork for 18 hours, remove from the brine and smoke for 24 hours.  [You don’t have to build your own smokehouse, there are lots of oven and box smoking gadgets now available!]
Once smoked, slow cook in stock overnight at 110c
Pull the cooked pork using forks or pulled pork ‘claws’.  To serve, warm portions in BBQ sauce and pile onto fresh brioche buns.  Accompanied by fresh salad it is the perfect summer supper!