With our own onsite smokehouse which is located outside of the main building we’re able to offer a range of home smoked produce as well as some delicious smoked foods that we source from a nearby smokery. The availability of home smoked products does vary but we always have some smoked items on our menu.

We use a traditional method of cold smoking to add a delicious depth of flavour to our produce. Described as the ‘true’ method of smoking by many this particular smoking process alters the colour, flavour and texture of the food.

During the smoking process we mix dried herbs with hardwood chippings, which delivers a more consistent depth of flavour.

The cold smoking process can take up to three months, as the food must be carefully prepared before it enters the smoking process, and the skills required by a smoker are akin to that of a wine or cheese producer.

One of the signature dishes at the Anchor Inn is the Smoked Platter which will give you the opportunity to sample a selection of our delicious smoked produce.

Sample Smoked Menu
(All served with Brown Bread & Butter)

Grilled queenie scallops coated in herb breadcrumbs served with an olive oil dressing
Starter £4.95 Main £9.50

½ pint smoked prawns with garlic mayonnaise
Starter £6.25

Trio of oysters with a shallot & red wine vinegar
Starter £6.95 Main £13.95

Smoked sprats with horseradish mayonnaise
Starter £4.25 Main £9.00

Smoked platter (Smoked salmon, smoked prawns & smoked sprats)
Starter £6.25 Main £13.50

Smoked duck breast with a beetroot and orange salad served with a blood orange dressing
Starter £6.25 Main £13.50